AD: Frank Hannon, Atomik Tommy McClendon, Mitch Perry, et al. for ADA

"Club ADA"

Lots of metal people here. This ad for various ADA products boasts a roster of popular and obscure artists. Here are the featured guitarists (and one violinist):

Frank Hannon
“Atomik” Tommy McClendon
Mitch Perry
Michael Guy
Dallas Perkins
Vernon “Ice” Black
David Hart
Robert Bobinc
Wayne Johnson
Charlie Bishard
Jamie Glaser
Mirv Haggard
Nicole Couch
Michelle Meldrum

It’s surprisingly difficult to determine precisely what each individual was up to when this ad appeared in Guitar World, November 1991. Was Dallas Perkins still in Roxx Gang? What exactly was Mitch Perry doing post-McAuley Schenker Group? Who the hell is Robert Bobinc? A little help, ADA?


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