AD: Guild S-300

"Schaller machines. Phase switch."

I think I’m in love. This way cool Guild S-300 from ’78 has 24 frets and … lots of knobs and switches. Currently there are 11 copies of this ad (scanned from Guitar Player, June 1978) for sale on eBay, but none of the guitars themselves.



  1. Checkout Ebay….a 1978 finished just Sunday Jan 29th (I know cause I got it) and there is one on Ebay USA 200704956808…. 🙂

  2. Well my mistake (got me into trouble….)….. Ebay USA No. should read 200706945478. An interesting Black one… ……and still with a few days to go…although I now note that there is mention of a neck repair….

    As for mine….I’ll post some pics just as soon as it arrives….but if you put in
    the number 380404782020 into search you’ll see the pictures as I saw them on the UK auction…

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