AD: Seymour Duncan Custom Custom

“… a midrange punch that gets you heard.”

That’s right, the Custom Custom. This pickup is used by Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age and Michael Wilton of Queensryche, according to the Seymour Duncan website. Ad scanned from Guitar for the Practcing Musician, January 1990.



  1. It’s essentially the same as the one Seymour wound for Eddie after he put the Floyd on. The old “78 model* hot PAF sounded too thin with those OG Floyds with the crappy bent saddles, etc, so he opted for something using 43awg wire (as opposed to plain enamel 42) and wound to about 14k (as opposed to 9k). Eddie nearly sued Seymour for marketing the “Van Halen pickup” so he re-named it the “Custom Custom”. Now the Seymour Duncan custom shop makes the “Frankenstein replica” humbucker which is basically the same specs for $40 more. If you want THAT tone, just save your money for a Custom Custom.

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