Now this is rock and roll. Radio Moscow, on tour in Ames, Iowa, recently got confrontational on stage—with each other. Prior to the January 7 show at DG’s Tap House, the band’s rhythm section notified guitarist Parker Griggs that they were quitting after the show, not after the tour as agreed upon. Sparks flew. Guitars flew. In fact, Griggs took a Stratocaster (his own) to the face after hurling it into the drum set. He visited the emergency room, but came out pretty well otherwise. Guitar Squid sums up the fallout:

Parker continued on to the next tour stop in Chicago two days later, where replacement musicians were already waiting for him. Most importantly however, Parker’s Fender American Deluxe Strat walked away from the incident with only a small chip.

Read more and see video of the actual event at GS.

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