Bassist/producer Bill Laswell has worked with a who’s-who of extreme music in his illustrious career. In a gigantic interview with Hank Shteamer at Heavy Metal Be-Bop, Laswell discusses many facets of his musical saga and touches on a stellar list of guitarists ranging from rock personnel like Stevie Salas, to jazz explorer Fred Frith, to out-there innovator Sonny Sharrock. Predictably, one Laswell collaboration informs others. See Sharrock vis-à-vis Motörhead:

When I went to Sonny, I said, “You know, I’m working with this band, and they use three stacks of amplification for just the guitars. They’re Marshall amps that Hendrix used, and we should try that.” Sonny’s not going to sit down and listen to Motörhead, but he liked that idea of this wall of amps.

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