AD: Vito Bratta for Carvin

FET1000 + V412

Vito Bratta was still making full-page ads, like this one for Carvin, even as White Lion’s brand of pretty metal started to wane in a changing musical landscape. The band’s album Mane Attraction was out around the same time as this item from Guitar World, November 1991.



  1. I miss Vito‘s guitar mastery so much.. No one plays with the same fluidity and feel as he did. Vito, I know you‘ve been thru hell and back with the passing of your father and your wrist injury, but if there is any way you can be involved in the music industry, please do.. you have so many fans out there just clamouring for something from you.. do it solo, you don‘t need Tramp riding your coat tails, honey!

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