Well, if you haven’t heard this elsewhere, check it out. I stumbled into “Tattoo,” the new Van Halen single on the radio yesterday during the intro and wondered who’d been listening to Gary Moore and Edward Van Halen. Oh, hey—it was the real deal! I think the chorus (er, and maybe pre-chorus) is kind of weak, though the song has grown on me a bit. It’s just nice to hear a new solo from Eddie.

Elsewhere, the Popdose staff has analyzed and critiqued the lead singles from VH’s entire career. Here’s their take on “Dance the Night Away” from Van Halen II:

I’ve long conjectured that the VH is, essentially, a pop group with a monster guitar player. One need look no further than the first single from the band’s second record for proof of this.

Check out that entire piece right here.