Chuck Schuldiner ten years gone

Chuck Schuldiner, mastermind of Death and visionary extreme music architect, died ten years ago today. NPR, of all media, is presenting an appreciation of the influential guitarist/vocalist/composer. Columnist Lars Gotrich describes Schuldiner’s multifaceted shadow:

There’s something to be said for the visionary who dismantles the very movement he’s created or pioneered. For a humble guitarist from Florida named Chuck Schuldiner, his metal band Death was a mere instrument (that) not only helped spawn an entire extreme genre around gore and technical guitar wizardry, but like horror movies sometimes do, also challenged our notions of life.

Gotrich goes on to survey 11 metal musicians who express Chuck Schuldiner’s impact. Matt Harvey of Exhumed had this to say about Death’s early albums:

When I was first starting to play guitar, I learned the Scream Bloody Gore album from front to back and played along with it religiously. Once I heard Leprosy, it was clear that the ante had been upped, not just in terms of Death’s catalog, but for the entire fledgling genre of death metal.

Read much, much more at NPR.

Right here.


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