Guitar repairs gone awry

Guitar World‘s “Ed’s Shed” column features troubleshooting and maintenance advice from longtime repairman Ed Mitchell. Ed’s current column is filled with horror stories, observations of bizarre customer behavior from his days in Glasgow, Scotland. For example, take the case of the guitarist with a unique concept of locking tuners:

Fed up that his guitar was going out of tune, a novice player comes up with a genius idea. He gets the guitar in tune, then coats each machinehead with Superglue. If it can’t move, it can’t go out of tune, right? Then he broke a string. Er …

Or, the self-fashioned luthier with an uncommon understanding of wiring:

I take a look inside the control cavity and all the wires and capacitors are indeed connected in the right places … with Plasticine modelling clay and sticky tape. There’s not a drop of solder in sight.

Read more tales and see visual evidence (including the glued tuner) in Ed’s Shed at GW.

Right here.


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