AD: Astro Guitars

The pride of Port St. Lucie

What can we say about Astro Guitars, Inc.? Well, uh, not that much, apparently. There’s not a lot to be found on the Internet about this company. Ad taken from Guitar for the Practicing Musician, November 1986.



  1. They folded some time ago, I was the 2rd Luthier, there was the owner and Rick the 1st Luthier. We started originally in Lake Worth, FL then moved to the PSL location. I feel the move was a little early as PSL had not yet grown up and was still a small town with little local support. We started out buying bodies and necks from sources then as we grew we could afford to cut our own. It was fond memories back then. The premier of the company was at NAMM the year Eric Johnson broke out.

  2. I own an Electric Astro. My Father Mark Lucky Luciano was in a band with the owner of Astro Guitars.
    I’ve owned the guitar since 1991 and it still plays fantastic.
    I’ve never seen another Astro and feel privileged to own it.

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