Guitar mutant Ron Jarzombek and his mates in Blotted Science recently issued The Animation of Entymology, a staggering instrumental work two years in the making. He spoke with San Antonio Metal Music Examiner’s Jay Nanda about this project and much more. Here Jarzombek touches on his fascination with hyper-technical music:

Well, I always like working with patterns. I’m used to working with a lot of mathematical patterns. Ever since I discovered Rush doing Morse Code with “YYZ,” I wanted to get into some different kind of stuff.

And further, his use of serial composition:

(I)t leads to cool tonality voice-wise. There are weird clusters that wouldn’t come across if you were using common scales. Usually I do a cluster, not a specific row. It’s nasty chords.

Read the complete piece and check out some fascinating videos right here.