Greg Kihn meets Black Sabbath

In a recent blog post, Greg Kihn relates the story of how his band came to open for the mighty Black Sabbath in 1976. An equally peculiar pairing of opening act, Cheap Trick, had to cancel, leading to super promoter Bill Graham contacting Kihn, who took the gig minus a few details:

I didn’t even ask who we were supposed to open for, I just threw all the equipment in the van and took off on a dead run. At last the hour arrived. Sometime around this time Bill Graham told us we were the opening act for Black Sabbath.  At the time I was doing a lot of introspective love songs on an acoustic 12-srting guitar.  Needless to say, they hated us.  The Black Sabbath fans screamed at us, lit candles, and chanted for our eminent demise.  They gave us the finger, threw things, and generally expressed their overall displeasure with us.

Read the whole tale at Greg Kihn’s website.

Right here.


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