Great live guitar albums

The ever-provocative Guitar Muse is running a nice article by columnist Oscar Jordan, “Six Live Guitar Albums That Blew My Mind.” Jordan cites well known and obscure selections by the likes of Hendrix, Screaming Headless Torsos, and Ted Nugent, about whose Double Live Gonzo he says:

Nugent’s manipulation of feedback, sustain, and lightnin’ licks is all here in massive doses. It’s big, it’s live, it’s nasty, and you are there. It’s a masterpiece and if you call yourself a serious guitar player, this record is already in your collection. If you don’t own it, you might want to re-think your entire life.

Here are a few that this columnist considers essential, from a mind blowing guitar point of view:

Michael Schenker Group – One Night at Budokan
Frank Zappa – Trance-Fusion
Roy Buchanan – Live Stock
Alcatrazz – Live Sentence
UFO – Strangers in the Night

How about you?

Read Oscar Jordan’s complete piece at GM.

Right here.


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