Randy, Jake & Zakk: Archived Ozzy

Have you perused Guitar World‘s archived interviews? They provide some great glimpses into moments in time. For example, Brad Tolinksi’s 1990 interview with Ozzy Osbourne took place at the outset of the Madman’s relationship with Zakk Wylde. At this turning point, Ozzy reflected on his guitarists past and present.

On Randy Rhoads:

It was a bit like going to music school. Randy was very instrumental in bringing me out of me. The first two Ozzy albums are by far the greatest things I’ve ever done. He was too good to last.

(I tend to agree with that sentiment …)

On Jake E. Lee:

(He) was fine for the first three days, then he wanted to take over … To be fair, Jake did have a fantastic presence and he was a great guitar player.

And on Zakk Wylde:

There were lots of benefits in choosing Zakk. He had followed my career and he knew my songs better than I knew them myself. We knew it wouldn’t be hard to break him in.

No mention of Bernie Tormé or Brad Gillis.

Read the entire piece at GW.

Right here.


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