Mikael Akerfeldt on Opeth’s Heritage

Swedish death prog giants Opeth have just released their tenth studio album, Heritage. Guitarist Mikael Akerfeldt discusses that album and much more in a current Guitar World interview. Among other topics, Akerfeldt expresses his distaste for the current production of metal recordings:

On a lot of the songs, the rhythm guitar was done with single-coil pickups. I don’t know why, I just felt really fed up with that thick, Mesa Boogie-type guitar sound. I wanted to go the opposite way with this album, and I think it was a good choice with this type of music; you can hear everyone more clearly than ever before.

Read the whole article, which includes Akerfeldt citing his favorite non-metal guitarists, at GW.

Right here.


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  1. It’s good that a group that have been around for twenty years are evolving musically and not just playing the same old stuff. It keeps them fresh and interesting. The song played on the article web site sounds as if it has early seventies prog rock influenceces.

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