AD: Hondo Fame Mastercaster

Yes, it really does come with matching sunglasses.

Hondo is one of those “entry-level” guitar lines with a very convoluted history, in their case brushing up against the likes of Charvel and Samick. The Wikipedia entry is pretty interesting, revealing, among other information:

Hondo was one of the first overseas guitar builders to feature American-built DiMarzio pickups on the import instruments beginning in 1978.

The entry also notes that Hondo sold over 22,000 “Bi-centennial banjos” in 1976. I see.

There are no Fame Mastercasters (or accompanying shades) on eBay, but a copy of this ad is listing for $9.95. I see.

Taken from Guitar for the Practicing Musician, March 1985.

Take a look at the Wiki entry right here.


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