The Kurt Cobain Jaguar—How do we feel about this?

I’m no grunge hater or Nirvana opponent, but I just don’t know what to think about this. Fender has come out with the Kurt Cobain Jaguar, a guitar based on the late idol’s own iconic instrument. What’s the problem? Certainly Cobain is known as someone who played guitar, but not really as a guitarist. However, as Guitar Site sums up the situation:

The craftsmen at Fender aimed to faithfully reproduce Kurt Cobain’s Fender Jaguar, with it’s battle-worn details, including its dual humbucking pickups, worn finish, and unorthodox controls which were already in added in place before Kurt acquired the guitar, back in the summer of 1991.

I suppose that’s alright. At least Fender aims to recreate a particular unique instrument and not to strictly cash in on a name, à la the Gibson Jonas Brothers Melody Maker, to cite just one. Of course, the guitar is priced out of the range of most garage rockers, listing at $1849.99. Rape me, indeed.

Read more and see pics at GS. Right here.


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