Tony MacAlpine releases 13th solo album

Double virtuoso Tony MacAlpine recently unveiled a new solo album, his first in a decade. Tony MacAlpine, released in June on Steve Vai’s Favored Nations label, is this guitarist/pianist’s 11th studio album and 13th solo release overall. He’s been doing lots of press in conjunction with the album, including a lengthy interview with Among many other topics, he discusses the long running incorporation of classical music into his instrumental guitar compositions; this time he’s quoting Robert Schumann:

It’s a piece I loved to play. Years ago I did a piece called “Porcelain Doll” that was a transcription of a movement from a Chopin Sonata and I think that I really wanted to bring that feeling of doing a classical piece … something from the Romantic era back again with something else. I really wanted to add a really Brian Mayish feel to it because I love that stuff, and that’s how we got into doing that with stacking all the guitar harmonies.

Read the complete interview right here.


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