Kill ‘Em All under the microscope

The indispensable Invisible Oranges has begun a series on Metallica’s early albums. Starting at the beginning, thus far they’ve done in depth analyses of Kill ‘Em All tracks “Hit the Lights” …

It was punky and not heavy, Motörhead, in other words. Now, Motörhead can be plenty heavy, both musically and metaphysically. But this is the Motörhead of “The Hammer”, not “Orgasmatron”. The RPMs are high, and the feel is fast and light. In musical terms, the BPM is around 160, and the key is A – a rock ‘n’ roll key, as opposed to metal’s frequent residence in the ’80s at low E.

… and “The Four Horsemen,” which is compared and contrasted with its alter ego, Megadeth’s “Mechanix”:

The two songs present very different takes on the same material. “Mechanix” is lean and fast, so much that the main riff is a blur. It’s practically one of those light-footed boogies that Van Halen did so well. In contrast, “The Four Horsemen” is much slower, with lots of drum accents, and with palm-muting on the main riff to emphasize its swagger.

Look for more to come at IO.

Right here.


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