AD: Leslie West & Reb Beach for Kitty Hawk amps

Richard Earl Beach, Jr. and Leslie Weinstein

Here we have Reb Beach—at the time still riding the wave of Winger’s debut album—and icon Leslie West on behalf of German-engineered Kitty Hawk amplifiers. What glowing things does Reb have to say about Kitty Hawk? This comes from the “gear” page of his site:

I never used Kitty Hawk amps in the studio. Live, I would only use their pre-amp for my effects, which no one but me ever heard since my effects cabs were never miked. Kitty Hawk pre-amps were great (only the green one) and I wish I still had mine. Kitty Hawk amps were pieces of crap. We brought six heads on the road and within three days only one worked. The crew called them “Shitty Hawks”.

Oh well. Taken from Guitar for the Practicing Musician,  February 1989.


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