"Success. It's the company you keep."

This is a doozy. A loose relative of the previous post, this Charvel/Jackson ad from Guitar for the Practicing Musician November 1985 has more angles than a World Series camera crew … or something. Here is how everyone is listed:

Steve Vai – Alcatrazz
Steve Lynch – Autograph
Victor Johnson – Bus Boys
David Anderson – Eric Steel Band
Tom McDermott – Rick James Band
Marc Ferrari, Bryan Jay – Keel
Jake E. Lee – Ozzy Osbourne
Amir Derakh, Chris Hager, Matt Thorne – Rouchcutt
Spacey T. – Sound Barrier
Michael Sweet and a partially hidden Oz Fox – Stryper
Vinnie Vincent

Man, did Oz Fox get shafted or what? I wonder if Victor Johnson, David Anderson, Bryan Jay, Tom McDermott or Spacey T. ever appeared in other ads.