AD: Stevie Ray Vaughan for GHS Strings


Here’s an ad pulled from Guitar Player, March 1989. This was running as the sober SRV was about to release In Step, his final solo album.

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  1. I bought these on a whim -I wanted to try GHS strings- and noticed afterwards that they were .0095, .0115, .016, .024, .032, .044. so I put them up since I just had my Squier Fat Strat set up for 9’s.

    Fast forward a while and it is time to change strings again.
    The only pack I find on-hand are these 9.5s. I figured “what the heck, I’ll use them … I might need to tweak the truss rod or saddles a bit, but I’ve wanted to learn more about doing that anyway.” I have a couple of Dan Erlewine’s books so I was ready to go.

    Well, I might “need” to tweak the setup or intonation, but I cannot feel or hear it.

    The strings are close enough to the 9’s that they play fine for me – a relative beginner who can barely play Wild Thing or Brown Eyed Girl.
    These 9.5s seem to be more stable and stay in tune better than the 9’s and they are clearly louder; I practice unplugged. The tone is so much more obvious that I re-checked my tuning – twice. They are more resonant and have more sustain than the 9’s. My meager bends are no more difficult than with the 9’s but the guitar sounds better.
    All this without doing a new set-up or tweaking anything. I’m impressed.

    What more could I ask for? Hmmmm…
    Well, they are not less than $3 a set like Webstrings (not bad, but I do not care for how they are packaged), Darco (a lot like D’Addario who used to make them – great value) or Xaviere (too stiff feeling, IMO), but sometimes you do get what you pay for. Also, I suspect 9.5 sets might be hard to find in your local music stores.

    BTW, this may be a “unique” gauge as stated above, but other vendors are doing the same thing. I can say with certainty that at least D’Addario (EXL120+, ASIN: B0002H03YY) and DR (Half-Tite HT-9.5) also have string sets with comparable thicknesses.
    In fact AFAICT, the gauges are identical to a D’Addario EXL120+ set.

    ——————– Treble e – B – G – D – A – Bass E
    GHS Boomers GB9.5: 0095 – 0115 – 016 – 024w – 034w – 044w
    DR Half-Tite HT-9.5: ___ 9.5 — 12 — 16 — 24 — 34 — 44
    D’Addario EXL120+: .0095 — .0115 — .016 — .024 — .034 — .044

    * Do not mistake the very common D’Add EXL120s (9s) for the EXL120+ (9.5s) sets

    If you play 9’s and are curious if the “tone” from 10’s are worth the “bending” effort, or maybe if you play 10’s but your fingers aren’t as young as they once were then I encourage you to give 9.5’s a try. At $4 or $5 a set, it probably is about what you are paying now, and you have a few well-known string companies to choose from.
    I think I will be experimenting with the 9.5 sets more in the future.

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