1963 Gibson SG Special

There are amazing guitars in unexpected places out there in the world. PBS mainstay Antiques Roadshow seems to illustrate this point about every other week, as some frail guest from Cedar Rapids trots out an ancient Strat valued at $21,000 or something. This week’s episode (Billings, Montana) featured a beautiful 1963 Gibson SG Special. It wasn’t quite the typical, “Oh, I paid $35 for it back in the ’60s” scenario—on a lark, a woman had picked up the guitar for a grand at an auction. It was still a good move, as appraiser David Bonsey explains:

The reason that this very guitar is special is because it’s from the year 1963. Gibson was experimenting with a new design, a very slim design, and what happened was they found out that so many of these broke. This is one of the most fragile electric guitars ever made.

He estimated the SG’s value to be $6,000.

Take a look at the guitar itself and see the appraisal right here.

While you’re there, search “guitar” and drool.


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