Pawnshop guitars—aside from being a Gilby Clarke album—are the stuff daydreams are made of. Every gear junkie imagines wandering into the secondhand shop in some backwater town and walking out with a vintage Telecaster for $125.

Well, now we can all live the dream … sort of. The new Fender Pawn Shop Series features several models that hearken back to a different era. As their site puts it, the guitars:

… draw inspiration from the eccentric and sometimes wildly innovative Fender creations of the mid-’60s to mid-’70s era that sometimes found their way to the outside world and into the more esoteric pages of Fender history.

They look pretty cool. They list for $799. Ehh, can’t win ’em all.

Take a look at the Fender ’51 and the other models “that never were but should have been” at Fender’s site.

Right here.