Report from the Jason Becker’s Not Dead Yet Fest

This past weekend saw a star-studded ensemble turn out for the ALS benefit, the Jason Becker’s Not Dead Yet Fest. Named after the guitarist who was diagnosed with the disease in the late 1980s, the concert featured a preponderance of guitar giants: Michael Lee Firkins, Steve Lukather, Marty Friedman, Jeff Watson and Joe Satriani were among the performers. The show’s namesake was present too, as Matt Blackett reports at Guitar Player:

The man of the hour, Jason Becker, caught the whole show from the side of the stage and caught the love that filled the room from start to finish. Just about every performer talked about how awed they were by Jason’s talent and spirit. The guys in Flametal put it best when they said, “We’d love to play some of Jason’s music but it’s just too f***ing hard.”


How about that Jason Becker? I’ve forever been wowed by his towering skills, but am even more blown away by his spirit.

Read the full report at GP.

Right here.


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