A Brian Robertson solo album

There might not be many “firsts” remaining in a career that stretches back to 1974, but one thing former Thin Lizzy and Motorhead guitarist Brian Robertson has yet to do was release a solo album—until now. Diamonds and Dirt, issued on SPV, was largely spurred on by Robertson’s mate Soren Lindberg. As he told Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles:

We only did it for ourselves, really. We didn’t think there would be this much interest in it, to be honest. So it’s kind of a personal journey. Also, I feel I’m probably playing better now than I ever have done. And happier with my playing.

The record contains a cover of Lizzy’s “It’s Only Money” (from Nightlife) as well as two versions of “Running Back” (from Jailbreak).

Read much more with the always excellent Martin Popoff, see the album art and a bunch of Robbo videos at BW&BK. Right here.


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