AD: Vivian Campbell for Randall

"They sound better than tube amps."

Here’s some serious solid state propaganda pulled from Guitar Player May 1986. According to Vivian Campbell’s blurb, he started using Randall gear during the Dio Sacred Heart tour.



  1. I have used solid state guitar gear for a long time, and most people after hearing my rig “ASSume” that I am using Tube heads until I point out otherwise.

    Bad solid state amps sound terrible, and good tube amps sound awesome, BUT not all solid state amps are bad, and not all tube amps are good!

    A great example of this would be a comparison of a an old Randall RG-100 [which is solid state] to a Peavey 5150 [which is tube]. The RG blows the 5150 AWAY in my opinion!

    PLUS the RG sounds more like the stereotyped “TUBE” sound, and the 5150 has the “ICEPICK” distortion that most people think only a solid state amp can reproduce, go figure!

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