AD: Carvin Bi-Channel amps

Featuring a "4C Hammond Reverb tank." Huh.

I suppose it’s fitting that an amp with so many knobs and sliders has an ad with this many bullet points. Now, here’s some Carvin trivia straight outta Wikipedia:

The company was founded in Southern California in 1946 as the L. C. Kiesel Company. As of 1947, the company was manufacturing steel guitars in Gothenburg, Nebraska. Around 1948, it returned to Southern California where the company name was changed to Carvin, from Kiesel’s two eldest sons, Carson and Gavin.

Steel guitars? Gothenburg, Nebraska? Wow.

Ad scanned from—you guessed it—Guitar Player, January 1980.


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  1. Before a guitarist I knew took the plunge and bought a Marshall half stack, he owned a Carvin. I always thought for the sound they put out, Carvins were definitely a cheaper, quality option.

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