Devotees of adventurous music in the 1970s would have been well aware of the name Be Bop Deluxe. Though never a giant commercial force, the band had a considerable recording career. Later, those exploring guitar in the ’80s—including yours truly—might have became familiar with the band when Randy Rhoads’ citing of Bill Nelson as an influence sent us scurrying for a copy of Sunburst Finish.

Now pop culture mega-site Popdose has posted a guide to the music of Be Bop Deluxe. The excellent article by Chris Holmes features two dozen mp3 files and summaries of the band’s entire output, as with this description of the fourth album’s title track:

The high point of the record is the six-song, de-facto “Modern Music” suite, a less-than-fond look back at the band’s experiences touring the United States.  The centerpiece of the suite, for me anyway, is the instrumental “Dance of the Uncle Sam Humanoids.”

Read more and hear Nelson’s blistering playing right here.