Inquisition: Carl Verheyen

As promised, here’s a brand new Inquisition featuring the fabulous Carl Verheyen. Carl is a veteran of both studio and stage, performing on countless recordings, including many albums with his own Carl Verheyen Band. He’s been a member of Supertramp, with whom he’s about to embark on a large tour, for 25 years and is a former contributer to the oft-cited Guitar for the Practicing Musician. The ultra-busy guitarist took time to chat with Pointy Guitar, for which I thank him.

What’s the last album you listened to?
I’ve been listening to the live Supertramp CD I did with them in 1997 called “It was the Best of Times,” and a greatest hits package of theirs called “Retrospecticle.”  I have a massive arena tour coming up with the band in the fall and we haven’t played together for 8 years. So I’m trying to relearn all my vocal and guitar parts by playing the proposed set list in my car every day.

What is one album you feel everyone should listen to?
It’s very hard to limit it to just one. For jazz I would recommend “Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis. For rock I’d have to say “Sergeant Pepper” by the Beatles. For blues my favorite is “King of the Blues Guitar” by Albert King. For country, and especially country guitar I’d say “The Essential Jerry Reed” by Jerry Reed. Narrowing that down to one is impossible!

Who is one person, present or past, that you would love t o collaborate/jam with.
Joe Zawinul, the great composer and keyboard player from Weather Report….. and Paul McCartney

That was another Japanese knockoff called an “Orpheus” with way too many pickups.

Who is one person outside of music that you admire and why?
There are many. I like Lance Armstrong, especially after reading his book “It’s Not About the Bike.”

Do you read music?
Of course!  Part of being a studio musician (which was my main gig for most of the 80s and all of the 90s) is being a good reader. I write all my own music out for the CVB, too.

Any other obsessions/passions besides music?
I like basketball and baseball, but not passionately like some guys. I like having a bad ride (nice sports car) and keeping it clean!

What was your first guitar, do you still have it?
My grandmother gave me a $30.00 “St. George” nylon string guitar and my 1st lesson on my 11th birthday. I have no idea where that guitar went now and it took a year before I convinced my parents to give me an electric guitar for my 12th. That was another Japanese knockof called an “Orpheus” with way too many pickups. Long gone!

You can read more about the man right here.

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The Inquisition is a regular (?) feature on Pointy Guitar, peering into guitarists from all walks of music.



  1. It is a tough one. If you think of an answer, drop it here!

    I guess I’d have to say something like Revolver. For today …

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