AD: Steve Vai for Carvin

The neon zebra variations.

What is cooler than Steve Vai standing in front of five Carvin full stacks? Nothing that I knew of when this showed up in the October 1986 Guitar Player. The green star refers to “this month’s sound sheet,” which was a flexi disc featuring “Blue Powder” years before it was more readily available on Vai’s magnum opus Passion and Warfare. Ahh, those were the days.



  1. Man I remember that issue. I drooled over Vai’s green meanie Charvel. I wore out that Blue Powder felxi disk. I would wake up in the morning and play that song like 10 times in a row just trying to absorb some of what Vai was doing on that track.

  2. I was trying to remember what all was issued on those flexi discs … maybe “Because It’s There” by Michael Hedges and “Cliffs of Dover” by Eric Johnson?

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