Guitarist Tom Capone of the band Quicksand was booked earlier this month for multiple charges relating to … shoplifting at a CVS in Phoenix. An excerpt of court documents shared by Lambgoat:

CVS staff observed the defendant conceal items totaling 43 into his backpack … later passing all points of sale. The arresting officer went to contact the defendant outside, ordering the defendant to stop. The defendant refused and continued to walk when the arresting officer grabbed the defendant by the arm. The defendant immediately attempted to break the officer’s grasp and flee, resulting in the arresting officer taking the defendant to the ground. The arresting officer suffered a cut to his right elbow as well. During the Mirandized interview the defendant admitted to the shoplifting and resisting arrest.

Meanwhile, the band reports:

After a week of some amazing shows, the road has proved to be a difficult environment for Tom who’s headed home to work on his health.

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U.K. doom legends Electric Wizard are poised to release their ninth album, Wizard Bloody Wizard, and guitarist Jus Osborn has discussed with Blabbermouth what it means to make heavy music:

Heavy doesn’t just mean tone and bottom end. I think people have become too obsessed by FX and boutique amps. It’s more about playing style, attitude and songwriting. Y’know, a lot of our songs have been interpreted as acoustic numbers by various people and they are still heavy and ominous sounding … You can’t dilute true darkness.

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Many aeons before the inception of Pointy Guitar and before the dawn of Slipknot, yours truly, the Conservator, spent several years in central Iowa. And let me tell you: There is something in the water. Des Moines has been rife with shred-obsessed guitarists for decades.

To wit, Mick Thomson himself reveals to Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles the source of his speed:

Early on, a lot of my picking development came from a Paul Gilbert video on VHS. You can probably go back and find it on YouTube somewhere – people can still learn a lot from those.

If you’re not convinced, he goes on to cite Tony MacAlpine and Chris Impellitteri.

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Care to take a look at the Yasuki Strato-whatever or the Ovation Breadwinner? Click away, friends.

The seemingly accident prone James Hetfield took a spill during Metallica’s set at Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome (Ziggo Dome!) during “Now That We’re Dead.” TeamRock reports that his bandmates quickly jumped to his aid (or not):

Bandmates Kirk Hammett, Robert Trujillo and Lars Ulrich keep playing but look on with concern as two members of the road crew help Hetfield to his feet.

Is there video of this workplace accident? Of course there is. See how it all turned out and read more at TeamRock.

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Molly Hatchet founding member Dave Hlubek has died at 66. Hatchet guitarist Bobby Ingram shared the information on the band’s Facebook page:

It is with great sorrow to announce the passing of our beloved friend and band member Dave Hlubek. Amongst his many contributions to southern rock is ‘Flirtin’ with Disaster.’ He will be missed but never forgotten, as the music lives on through his legacy in Molly Hatchet.

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Too many RIP posts around here. Now it’s Walter Becker, gone at 67. One half of the Steely Dan braintrust, he had recently missed shows due to a medical procedure. Pitchfork summarizes the band’s late career revival:

(A) series of personal trials and professional exhaustion caused their breakup in 1981. They eventually got back together in 1993, and have been touring ever since.

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And take a look at this article from Something Else that lays out “five instances where Walter truly shines on both Steely Dan and Becker solo records as much as the highly-touted session players who get all the glory for their hired-hand contributions.”