On the eve of KISS’ Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction there’s plenty of chatter from former band members. But none from onetime guitarist Vinnie Vincent. He seems to have gone off the grid following years of professional and personal turmoil, possibly culminating in the January 2014 death of his wife Diane Cusano. From a new Rolling Stone article:

Vincent’s fans and former bandmates have different theories about his current whereabouts: He might be in Nashville, with family in Connecticut, or with some sympathetic female Kiss fan. Wherever he’s gone, believes (promoter) Phil Elliott, Vincent will make his presence known once the bills start to pile up. ‘I don’t know how he’s going to stay afloat,’ Elliott says. ‘When he’s desperate enough, he’ll come out of the woodwork.’

Read more of the (somewhat spotty) profile and see a pic of Vincent’s seemingly abandoned house at RS.

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Smashing Pumpkins’ most recent studio album, 2012′s Oceania, will be followed up by two releases in 2015, according to main man Billy Corgan. From SmashingPumpkinsNexus.com, via Alternative Nation:

For those interested in sound, think: ‘guitars, guitars, guitars, and more guitars;’ but more so on the epic side of things than say, grossly metallic.

Read more at AN.

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Here’s the great George Benson playing José Feliciano’s “Affirmation.” Benson recorded a version of this song for his hugely successful album Breezin’, but this live version reveals the guitarist in full force.


Watch as Warren Cuccurullo takes on “Transylvania Boogie,” a number by his former employer Frank Zappa and exhibits some very legitimate tone and phrasing.


"Good luck with your band"

“Good luck with your band”

Here’s a cool document unearthed by a friend, a handwritten letter from Steve Vai himself. Steve’s comments date the page to the days of the Alcatrazz album Disturbing the Peace. I like to imagine him pausing from working up “Lighter Shade of Green” to jot this note.

Thanks to Chris Ingalls for sharing.

Former Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ guitarist and REM sideman Buren Fowler has died. Though he’d maintained a lower profile of late, Fowler was very visible for a time. From Slicing Up Eyeballs:

His time with R.E.M. dates back to the mid-80s, when he served as a guitar tech with the band an played occasional second guitar on the Pageantry and Work tours. He joined Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ after that, and played with that band for five years, during which time the group recorded Mystery Road, Fly Me Courageous, Smoke and Wrapped in the Sky.

No cause of death as been released.

Read more and check out a complete Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ concert at SUE.

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To commemorate the passing of Kyser Capos founder Milton Kyser, The Unique Guitar Blog is running an in depth post about capos. The article covers the history, usage and variations of the device. For example, were you aware that classical and flamenco guitarists also capos? From UGB:

Capos are still being produced for classic and flamenco players. These devices, known as cejillas, are made of an ornate piece of wood or ivoroid that usually has a strip of felt on the bottom.

Read all about it and see photos at UGB.

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