Ross Childress

Ross Childress

Collective Soul had four platinum albums in the ’90s and guitarist Ross Childress had something to do with that, co-writing songs like “The World I Know.” This Paul Reed Smith ad was running in the wake of their self-titled second album

Scanned from Guitar School, May 1996.

From the Rooney Archive.

Reid Laurence Lalonde

In yet another guitar ad that inexplicably crops the guitar in question, here’s Larry LaLonde of Primus with a beautiful Paul Reed Smith. This was scanned from Guitar Player, March 1996, squarely between that band’s albums Tales from the Punchbowl and Brown Album.

Just Alex

We’ve shown Alex Lifeson in PRS ads a couple of times before, but this one stands apart as it specifically mentions the guitarist’s solo outing Victor. Scanned from Guitar Player, July 1996.

AL for PRS

Rush were between albums when this Paul Reed Smith ad was running in Guitar World, August 1992. Conterparts was on the horizon and the band’s last U.S. platinum release Roll the Bones was still selling on the strength of singles like “Ghost of a Chance.”

See also: Alex Lifeson for PRS.


Though Santana’s multi-platinum resurgence of Supernatural was still a few years off, Carlos still merited a full page ad for Paul Reed Smith guitars in the mid-90s. Taken from Guitar Player, October 1995.

Mr. Aleksandar Živojinović

Though he’s been a Gibson man throughout his career, Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson endorsed Paul Reed Smith in the ’90s. This ad came out following the Rush album Counterparts and was scanned from Guitar World, April 1994.

"One guitar makes the rest obsolete."

Here we have a very shiny and mustachioed Tom Johnston of the Doobie Brothers showing off a beautiful Paul Reed Smith guitar. This full page ad comes from Guitar World, September 1989. What were the Doobies up to in ’89? They’d reformed and released Cycles, an album which made it all the way to #17 on The Billboard 200.


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