Super classic footage of Johnny Winter And featuring Rick Derringer from ’70. It’s difficult to determind from this footage precisely what the hell Derringer is wearing (bell bottoms? velour dress?), but dig that Epiphone Coronet Wilshire Johnny is playing.

John Dawson Winter III

Johnny Winter was in a lull of releasing new music in ’94 but was still relevant and visible. This full page ad comes from Guitar for the Practicing Musician, March 1994.

Following the success of his 2011 album Roots—a collection of blues standards featuring an all star cast of guests—Johnny Winter has his sights set on another collaboration. Winter tells Billboard that he hasn’t selected the music yet, but has some colleagues in mind:

I’d like to have Billy Gibbons play. I’d like to have Mark Knopfler play on something. I’d like to have (Eric) Clapton, B.B. King, Buddy Guy. I don’t know if I can get ‘em all, but those are the people I’d like to have.

Read more at Billboard.

Right here.

Everyone’s favorite Texas albino blues man, Johnny Winter, has returned with a brand new record, Roots. The album, released on Megaforce (!), contains Winter’s versions of songs favored throughout his life. This may strike some as a contract-fulfilling throwaway, but as the guitarist told Something Else!, the songs have deep meaning:

They’re song I grew up really liking, things I was really influenced by. It’s very exciting, a record that really takes me back. All of those songs, I really identify with.

Roots features a cast of high profile guests ranging from Warren Haynes to Vince Gill.

Read the complete SE! article right here.

That would be television in Denmark, not some Food Network spin-off, mind you. And my how those Danes love the Albino bluesmen. (Make sure to note the person at :30 who is gazing upon the band like they’ve just arrived by flying saucer.) This is some hot shit right here.

And speaking of guys called John, have a look at my article 6 Guys Called John at Hardened Magazine, if you like.


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