Watch as Warren Cuccurullo takes on “Transylvania Boogie,” a number by his former employer Frank Zappa and exhibits some very legitimate tone and phrasing.


Before ever appearing live with Nine Inch Nails, Adrian Belew has exited the projected touring version of the band. His original Facebook post is updated at The Guardian:

Hey folks … I greatly respect Trent (Reznor) and the music he makes. No one is at fault. [But] we both agreed it just was not working …

Jump over to take a look at that complete article right here.

This leaves the ever adventurous guitarist free to work on his long gestating project FLUX. As he tells Something Else! in a lengthy interview:

It’s an idea that’s been in my mind for several decades, but could never be technologically done — until recently. Unlike a record or anything before it, this is never finished. I can continue to add more parts to it, even as people already have it and start listening to it.

Read much more and listen to a sampling of Belew works at Something Else!

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Record Store Day, the annual celebration of independently owned retail music outlets, marks the arrival of many special releases. This year’s instant rarities include extremely limited items from the likes of King Crimson (a collectors CD with graphic novel, t-shirt, etc.) and Frank Zappa. From to the RSD site:

Frank Zappa &  The Mothers  rare  single originally released in 1973
Available on vinyl for the first time in 40 years!
Remastered from the original analog sources.

• Side A: I’m The Slime     [non-LP track, also shorter than LP version]
• Side B: Montana   [2013 single edit featuring 25 additional seconds]

See also a split 7″ single with Deep Purple and Type-O Negative.

Read about all the 2013 specials at the RSD site.

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Today is Frank Zappa’s birthday, an anniversary we always mark at Pointy Guitar. Frank would’ve been 72 today. Here is a nice clip from a 1973 performance in Sweden.

Ian Donald Calvin Euclid

Here we have Dweezil Zappa with Frank’s famous burned-in-Miami-by-Hendrix Strat. In ’92 when this ad was out Dweezil made a guest appearance on the Spinal Tap album Break Like the Wind. The band Z would’ve been on the horizon at this time. Scanned from Guitar School, July 1992.

From the Rooney Archive.


Here’s a gorgeous vignette from Frank Zappa, a live reading of the song “Sleep Dirt.”

Dutch Public Radio producer and tireless proponent of adventurous music Co de Kloet has shared a story about his meeting Frank Zappa in 1983. From de Kloet’s Facebook feed:

I was reminded of a rainy yet beautiful afternoon in Paris in a very expensive hotel suite: as a present I gave Frank Zappa a giftwrapped copy of the Sinclair Lewis Book It Can’t Happen Here, convinced that THAT was the inspiration for his song on Freak Out: but it wasn’t! He did not know the book and almost crushed my hand when he thanked me for the present.

He goes on to note that Frank played him recordings that would surface the following year as Them or Us.

Read more about Co de Kloet right here.

A grand version of “Black Napkins” in honor of what would’ve been FZ’s 71st birthday.

September 17, 2011 is being celebrated as “Frank Zappa Day” in the late icon’s native Baltimore. As their site describes it, Manifesto 2011 is bringing together artists:

Across all mediums, who crate and perform in the spirit of unfettered creative expression, raw talent, experimentation, and above all, a flagrant disregard for preconceived notions of style or genre

The musical lineup features, among others, Dean Ween.

Take a look at their site.

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Forget about the brotherly and otherly love.

It’s not really what the song is about, but happy Mother’s Day, if you’re into that type of thing. (Do any mothers actually look at this site?)


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