Alice Cooper and Lou Reed collaborator Steve Hunter is in a Phoenix hospital due to cardiac arrhythmia. The prognosis seems good. From SickthingsUK:

Karen Hunter has been posting updates to Facebook and as of writing Steve seems okay but bored at being stuck there waiting.

Read more at SickthingsUK.

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Maybe Coop isn’t on any ballots after all. At any rate, North American readers will bid a fond farewell/don’t-let-the-door-hit-you to political ads as of today. Rock the vote!

Guitarist Dick Wagner, well known for his live and/or studio work with artists like Aerosmith, Lou Reed, and Alice Cooper, has released a new Kindle eBook through Not Only Women Bleed: Vignettes From The Heart Of A Rock Musician, like Wagner’s playing, seems to be a cut above the average rock fare. As Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles describes it:

Supported by an edgy and ironic wit, Wagner creates rich visualizations that transport and envelop the reader in place and time. An agile and intuitive writer, Wagner’s phrasing is both colorful and literate.

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As mentioned previously, Alice Cooper has returned to the studio with Welcome to My Nightmare alumni to craft a follow-up to that iconic album. Now there are plans for a morphing of that lineup with the original Cooper band—at least momentarily. As Blabbermouth reports:

The four surviving ALICE COOPER band members — Alice Cooper, Neal Smith, Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway — will perform at their Rock And Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony on March 14 in New York City, and again at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards show in on April 20 in Los Angeles, California. Guitarist Steve Hunter, who played in Cooper’s “Welcome to My Nightmare” band, will fill in for the late Glen Buxton.


Read more Coop news—including information about his appearing on The Tonight Show—at Blabbermouth.

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One of the great rock guitar tag teams, Steve Hunter and Dick Wagner are well known for their work on such important works as Lou Reed’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Animal and Alice Cooper’s Welcome to My Nightmare. On the latter, the pair joined forces with Cooper under the direction of ultra-producer Bob Ezrin. And it looks like this combination is set to team up again. According bassist Dennis Dunaway, it was all Ezrin’s idea:

After the 35th anniversary of Nightmare, I said, ‘Why don’t we start writing something else?’ And (Ezrin) said, ‘Why don’t we just do part two? … I think we can still get Steven Hunter and Dick Wagner. We’ll put some of the original people on it and add some new people.’

Will it be an amazing return to form or a literal nightmare of failed nostalgia? Can’t wait to find out.

Have a look at Blabbermouth’s complete piece.

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