Here’s a killer 2011 live take on Sonny Landreth’s “Milky Way Home,” featuring the great Eric Johnson.


Allen Hinds is one of those guitarists who makes you wonder if his neck has the same notes as yours. Check out this live clip from the Baked Potato. 


Here’s Al Di Meola with a smoking live version of “Egyptian Danza” recorded in Germany in 1978. Palm mute!


Many a guitar fan first experienced  the artistry of Eric Johnson through his performance on Austin City Limits. His signature techniques and tones are on display in this 1984 take on “Trademark.” A classic performance.


Check out this wild improvisation between guitarist John Russell and pipa player Luo Chao Yun. Where the hell is Russell coming from? As he told Something Else! “I listen to everything and nothing, really … and I have quite an indiscriminate approach. I think music, both playing and listening, is good for the heart and mind and is central to everything I do.”


Before there was Loudness, there was Lazy. Check out Akira Takasaki and company in this Japanese clip from 1981.


Check out the inimitable Harvey Mandel playing live. And if you’ve never delved into the onetime Canned Heat guitarist’s work, there is a treasury awaiting you.

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