Check out this wild improvisation between guitarist John Russell and pipa player Luo Chao Yun. Where the hell is Russell coming from? As he told Something Else! “I listen to everything and nothing, really … and I have quite an indiscriminate approach. I think music, both playing and listening, is good for the heart and mind and is central to everything I do.”


Before there was Loudness, there was Lazy. Check out Akira Takasaki and company in this Japanese clip from 1981.


Check out the inimitable Harvey Mandel playing live. And if you’ve never delved into the onetime Canned Heat guitarist’s work, there is a treasury awaiting you.


Here’s the great George Benson playing José Feliciano’s “Affirmation.” Benson recorded a version of this song for his hugely successful album Breezin’, but this live version reveals the guitarist in full force.


Watch as Warren Cuccurullo takes on “Transylvania Boogie,” a number by his former employer Frank Zappa and exhibits some very legitimate tone and phrasing.



Some Saturday shred for you: Here is the incredible Greg Howe playing live with Dennis Chambers and Victor Wooten (decent rhythm section, eh?). Enjoy.


Here’s something to get your brain going on a Friday. This appears to be a piece entitled “Through” from Mick Barr’s Ocrilim project. If you’d really like to lose your mind, spend a few minutes at the Ocrilim Bandcamp page right here.


Get a load of the decal infested guitar.

The world of guitar lost many notable citizens during the year 2013. I was prepared to post this list yesterday when yet another was added to the roll. Here are the guitarist deaths covered by Pointy Guitar over the past year:

John Wilkinson
Jef Lee Johnson
Dan Toler
Alvin Lee
Peter Banks
Jason Molina
David Parland
Hugh McCracken
Jeff Hanneman
T-Model Ford
J. J. Cale
Allen Lanier
Philip Chevron
Jan Kuehnemund
Lou Reed
Jim Hall
Eric “Guitar” Davis
Benjamin Curtis

I also personally lost two musical associates this year. Longtime student, bandmate, and friend Tommy Anderson stopped fighting demons and left us in the spring. On the short list of those I’d consider protégés, Tommy was the first. And singer/songwriter/guitarist/friend Abigail Henderson of Kansas City bands Gaslights and Tiny Horse passed in August. RIP to all of the above.

So, 2013, good riddance. You can take that type of bullshit with you.

Here’s a wonderful document of Abby & Tiny Horse.


You should spend eight minutes with the great Jimmy Raney.

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