The amazingly robust community is hosting an interesting conversation about guitar prices, “Is there a point where a guitar just becomes simply over priced?.” In an age where you can spend more on a Gibson reissue than on a decent used car, the answer seems to be a resounding, OF COURSE. But the opposite position has a surprising amount of support. User nobodygivesafuckk (!) describes a fleeting meeting with Vince Gill’s $12,000 Kelton Swade strat:

5 years and hundreds of guitars played later, nothing else has come anywhere close, both tone-wise as well as playability. I got to play it for about 3 hours, and to this day that memory is still my most vivid one when it comes to guitars. I’m sorry, but nothing even comes close. So yeah, I guess you get what you pay for.

Read along or join the discussion at Reddit.

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G.C. Jr. beneath not very 'bright lights.'

G.C. Jr. beneath not very ‘bright lights.’

Blues bellwether Gary Clark Jr. brought his modernized mix to a sweltering Kansas City last night. Highlights of his 19 song set at Crossroads KC included “Please Come Home” and a scorching “Numb.” Here’s how the Kansas City Star’s Tim Finn summed up the young icon:

Clark can be an incendiary guitarist when he chooses, and there were plenty of fireworks all night: salvos of notes and chords delivered at high speed and in high volume, then splintering and climaxing almost libidinously into a seismic resolution …

Read the entire review at Back to Rockville.

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Reaching for the uncommon chord

Reaching for the uncommon chord

Allan Holdsworth displays one of his typical arthritis enhancing chord voicings in this ad for his own Carvin Custom Shop models, the HF1 and HF2 “Fatboy.” This piece dates to 2000, making it contemporaneous with the album The Sixteen Men of Tain. Pulled from Guitar Player, September 2000.



King’s X have been active since 1980; this Yamaha ad appeared 20 years into their career, concurrent with the album  Please Come Home… Mr. Bulbous, inset here. Ty Tabor is pictured with his signature model, since discontinued by Yamaha. Scanned from Guitar Player, September 2000.

Solo artist and former Beachwood Sparks guitarist Josh Schwartz is battling amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, aka Lou Gehrig’s disease) and is seeking help raising funds for stem cell therapy. From LA Weekly:

Schwartz has been battling the disease for close to four years. It affects muscles all over the body, making everything from playing music to eating and speaking a challenge. The initial treatment is extremely costly — (Schwartz and his longtime girlfriend Allison Betzler) are aiming to raise $25,000 for the first round.

Read more and learn how to contribute at LA Weekly.

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An American guitar giant has departed: John Dawson Winter III has died at 70. American Blues Scene shares a message from the blues legend’s PR company:

Johnny Winter has passed away on July 16th, 2014, in his hotel room in Zurich, Switzerland. His Wife, family and bandmates are all saddened by the loss of one of the world’s finest guitarists.

Jenda Derringer, wife of longtime Winter associate Rick Derringer, added the following on her Facebook feed, via Blabbermouth:

(Johnny) was not in good health and was very frail and weak.

Read the entire ABS article right here.

And listen to Johnny Winter play the blues today.

Malcolm Mitchell Young

Malcolm Mitchell Young

This is a time of highs and lows for AC/DC fans: News of an imminent album is tempered with continued reports of Malcolm Young’s ill health. Above is rhythm guitarist #1 in a Gretsch ad from Guitar World, March 1997. At that time another multi-platinum album, Ballbreaker, was in the rearview mirror and the Bonfire box set was about to appear.


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