Here’s a tasty track from the amazing Glenn Proudfoot which is reminiscent of a vintage Joe Satriani or Eric Johnson composition. And don’t worry, there are plenty of fireworks in the song’s solo.

Richard Dale Kotzen, Jr.

Richard Dale Kotzen, Jr.

The massively talented Richie Kotzen established himself on the rock guitar landscape with his self-titled debut in 1989. By ’93 when this DiMarzio ad was running, he had released a pair of additional solo albums and taken up the guitar mantle for Poison. That band issued the gold album Native Tongue and Richie appeared alongside Stevie Salas on The Electric Pow Wow that year. Scanned from Guitar World, September 1993.

Timothy Patrick Kelly | January 13, 1963 – February 5, 1998

Timothy Patrick Kelly | January 13, 1963 – February 5, 1998

Damn—did you know Slaughter guitarist Tim Kelly was in a fatal auto accident in 1998?! We here at Pointy Guitar apparently missed that altogether. RIP. When this small ad was running in 1991, Slaughter were at the peak of their success, riding the single “Fly to the Angels” from their multi-platinum debut Stick It To Ya.

Also resting in peace, presumably, is Robin: According to their site, the company stopped producing instruments in 2010. This ad is a veritable time capsule of “gawd, remember them?” type bands. On Robin’s endorser roster one will find 2-4-7 (sic) Sypz , Cry Wolf, Tora Tora, and Sweet F.A., along with John (sic) Butcher, who appears cradling a guitar in a Carvin ad (with name spelled correctly) in this very magazine, Guitar World, May 1991.

Guitar legend Jimmy Page has been busy overseeing a remastering of the Led Zeppelin catalog and the reissue of his photo-heavy autobiography Jimmy Page.  But he hasn’t been on stage in seven years. This may change in 2015, according to an interview The Week conducted with the rock icon:

I’m really starting to get myself enthused and limbered up for putting something together. I’ll play everything, and some new music I’ve got. Next year is the time when I should be seen to be playing live.

Page has yet to assemble a band for any potential trek.

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Check out the legendary Djalma de Andrade, aka Bola Sete, in this clip from 1963.

A pair of American guitar masters, Eric Johnson and Mike Stern, have finally made good on their wish to record a collaborative album: The two are releasing Eclectic on the Heads Up International imprint later this month. Johnson and Stern are also appearing jointly on tour as well as in print at Guitar Aficionado, wherein they discuss the genesis of the project and the material. As Eric Johnson describes the track “Benny Man’s Blues:”

While I was figuring out what to do, I started thinking about some of those old Benny Goodman records where there’s just a couple of chord changes, but it still has that blues vibe.

Read more and listen to a sample at GA.

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Adrian Belew has found himself in many fascinating scenarios throughout his illustrious career, not the least of which was opening a string of shows for Tool as a member of King Crimson. The guitarist shared this anecdote from those days on his Facebook feed:

I was walking down the street behind two young Tool fans who were just leaving the concert. I overheard them raving about the Tool show. Then one of them said ‘and that OTHER BAND, they played some tricky shit!’

Tricky shit, indeed.

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